Download Gujarati Fonts | ગુજરાતી ફોન્ટ્સ

To Type in Gujarati, you will need Gujarati Fonts (ગુજરાતી ફોન્ટ્સ). We provide you with any fonts which can be downloaded for free. Gujarati fonts are widely classified into two.

  1. Legacy Fonts
  2. Unicode Fonts

○ Legacy Gujarati Fonts

Many printing media outlets, government exams, and government publications use legacy Gujarati fonts.

To identify the legacy fonts, double click on the font file. In the preview if you can see Gujarati, then such font is identified as Legacy Font.

We've collected the most widely used Gujarati Legacy font for you. Click on the font below to Download them.

○ Unicode Gujarati Fonts

Web sites, social media, and other electronic media commonly use Unicode Gujarati Fonts. Unicode Fonts use a standard set of characters that can be recognized by all devices. Unicode fonts are easy to identify. When you double-click the font file, a preview panel will open. If you see the alphabets in English, then the font is Unicode. Unicode fonts may show Gujarati digits as English and some may show Gujarati digits as normal.

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